What we do

Sri Laxmi engineerings has been innovating and inventing machines that help people simplify the work load. Our machines has helped our clients in increased unit production and has helped grow the sales graph by cramping the production time. Our machines are the next step to your business. Check out more of us in the product page.

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Who we are

Sri laxmi engineerings are pioneers in machines and mechanism operating in Madurai. Found in the year 2005 we have been building machines that has helped our customers simplify work and increase production. We have been listed in various news channels and articles who have recognized our inventions. Check out our recent news and to know more about our innovations.

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contact us

VAT/CST/TIN: 33486411362

No 13 Naganakulam
Kannanendhal Panchayat
Madurai – 625014

Phone : +91 9894033908,
+91 9944122449

E mail: support@srilaxmiengineerings.com

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